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Getting to your dream school is not easy. There's the application form, interviews, financing and housing arrangements. It's hard to do it all on your own. We know it because we've been through it, too. We will help you in the entire application process. With Elab's help, even your most ambitious dreams can soon become a reality!

Strategic Educational Consulting and Counselling

Elab Academy

Our offer includes PREMIUM programs with a strategic educational consulting. We will help you choose the best universities taking into consideration your preferences and needs, prepare application essays, references and any additional documents, as well as support you before your departure. Your success and satisfaction is our goal!


Prepare yourself for university application
 Get Ready 2 Study

Do you dream of studying at the best university in the world but you are too young to apply? Don't worry - you can already start your preparations. We organize a series of meetings with our mentors at the best universities, as well as successful alumni of those universities, provide professional diagnosis on your talents and professional predispositions, as well as propose courses and universities that will suit your preferences and needs. Get ready to study with Elab!

Get a head start on your professional career
 Get Ready 2 Work

Job application might be very stressful, however, as crucial as it is, it is important to thoroughly prepare for that. We will assist you in the preparation of the most important job application documents, including resume, CV, cover letter or references. Elab cooperates with job recruiters working at the most prestigious firms; hence, we know what exactly employers expect from the best job applications. Get ready to work with Elab!

Learn extra!
 Mini Consultation Package

Whether you are interested to learn more about any component of the university application through individual consultation or prepare for any exam, don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help you! :) Furthermore, we are able to organize individual tutoring on any subject of International Baccalaureate Program or Polish Matura with qualified teachers. We can also offer individual and/or additional lessons on any of the necessary application exams or other admissions exams (such as TSA, ENGAA etc.).

Premium Application Strategy

Get into Oxford & Cambridge

Application to Oxford and Cambridge requires applicants to stand out from others in terms of their achievements or grades. Your consultant and mentor will help you best expose your accomplishments, prepare Personal Statement and reference, prepare for the entrance exams and interview, as well as support you during the entire application process.

Master your application to Medicine

Application to Medicine is a demanding one and requires strategic approach. We will help you build your profile, prepare the entire application, assist you in the preparation for the UKCAT/BMAT, prepare for the interview, as well as help in the organization of a volunteering experience or internship at the hospital.

University application for artists to arts courses
 Art & Design

One of the most important elements of the application to arts courses is the applicant's portfolio. Aside from other components of the application process, we will help you prepare it so that it meets the university's requirements. We will also support and prepare you for the interview through regular meetings with your mentor.

Study at the most prestigious unis in the U.S.
 Ivy League

Application process to American universities is complex and requires strong organization. We will assist you in every aspect of application, including preparing Personal Essay, application essays and recommendations, interview, as well as SAT workshops.

Focus on your dream subject
 Subject Specific Strategy

Applications to specific courses require separate consideration and preparation. In response to that, Elab prepared a series of subject-specific programs suited to the requirements of each course. Our programs include Artes Liberales (Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities), Business & Management, and Science & Technology (Science, Engineering, Technology). Take the first step and learn more about each program!

Expand your opportunities and take on graduate studies
 Master's and Postgraduate / MBA

We will help you in the application process to graduate and postgraduate courses in all fields. Our help includes full assistance during the entire application process as well as before your departure. We will also help you apply for housing and, if applicable, student loan. Elab also offers separate programs for applicants interested in studying courses such as Business, Management, Banking and Finance or Entrepreneurship and Innovation, or MBA.

Study at the boarding school in the UK or US
 High School

Do you see yourself studying at the prestigious high school in the UK or USA? We can help you choose the best school taking into consideration your preferences, and prepare your entire application. Each high school offers its own tradition and learning method and you'll be able to explore all of them thanks to our school report. High school in the UK or US is also going to prepare you best for studies at one of these countries.

Exams & Essays

Ace your SATs and study in the U.S.

If you wish to apply to the American universities, you might have already heard of the SATs. Elab's SATelite is a comprehensive program combining strategic counselling in the university application to the US with SAT workshops taught by a professional SAT tutor. The program starts around spring with workshops organized on weekends and proceeds to university application around fall.

Learn to become a professional doctor

Do you wish to apply to Medicine? The application process to this course is demanding, requiring applicants to provide BMAT or UKCAT results. We created the GETinMED program, which guarantees that you will pass one of these exams at a high score, and get into your dream university. Workshops are taught by experienced professionals and doctors. Aside from this preparatory course, you will also be offered a comprehensive help in the application process to Medicine.

Master the art of reason and argumentation

Elab's Iuris program combines comprehensive assistance in the application process to Law with weekend workshops on the LNAT exam and Core Courses. If you're thinking about applying to Law, an adequate preparation to LNAT is highly recommended - the exam mainly tests your ability to think logically - and you should get to know the form of the test. The workshops are taught by professionals, including Lawyers, recent Law graduates and LNAT tutors.

Brush up on your language skills

Prepare for the IELTS exam! BringENGup is a thorough preparation for IELTS taught by an English tutor. Your success is guaranteed! Please note, you will need to take an IELTS exam if you're applying to universities abroad and are from a country where English is not the official language.

Highlight your Oxbridge application with perfect score
 Oxbridge Exams

Oxford and Cambridge require results from their separate admissions exams. These are very crucial when it comes to the application consideration. Elab will prepare your for any Oxbridge exam you have to take, such as TSA, ENGAA, PAT, MAT, or HAT.

Master your written word and expose your qualities in the best way
 Essay Editing

Application essays are the most important element of all university applications, as they expose the applicant's personality. Thus, it is crucial that you prepare this part of the application together with professionals who have spent hours on polishing college essays and know exactly how to tackle this challenge. Elab will assist you in this and guarantee that your essay is noticed by the admissions committee.

Free Eductional Consulting


Elab partners with over 60 universities in the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands and USA. We provide free help* in the application process to our partner universities, which includes university report, Personal Statement and reference assistance as well as support before your departure.

* free help is applicable only to EU students

U.K. Flag
Study in the U.K.
U.K. Flag Study in the U.K.

In the UK, everyone will find their dream course, no matter how unusual it might be! Explore our broad network of partner universities and apply with Elab! We offer free help in the application process to over 60 partner universities including City University London, University of Surrey, Coventry University, University of Southampton or University of Sheffield.

NL Flag
Study in The Netherlands
NL Flag Study in The Netherlands

Universities in the Netherlands concentrate mainly on developing your team work and project development skills. Elab offers free help in the application process to partner universities located in the Netherlands including Rotterdam University, The Hague University, Stenden or Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen.

DK Flag
Study in Denmark
DK Flag Study in Denmark

Denmark is an ideal place for people who search for practical education. Danish universities offer free tuition and an excellent teaching method. Elab partners with some of the best universities in Denmark such as Aarhus University, VIA University College or IBA International Business Academy.

Meet our broad network of partner universities

Elab cooperates with over 60 partner universities in the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands and USA. We will help you in the application process for free!* Learn more about Free Educational Consulting in the University Application section.

* free help is applicable only to EU students

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